Research Team Member

Glenn Prestwich
University of Utah-Salt Lake City
Glenn Prestwich The Co-PI is an organic chemist, who holds concurrent appointments in the Departments of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Bioengineering. He has both academic and industrial expertise; he is the founder of several companies (e.g., Echelon Biosciences, Inc., a drug discovery company for molecular targets in lipid signaling in cancer; Sentrx Surgical, Inc., a new startup in 2003 dedicated to developing clinically useful materials for scar-free wound repair and tissue engineering). His past academic research programs have included insect natural products chemistry and biochemistry and the design and evaluation of inhibitors of vertebrate steroid metabolism. His contribution to the project will involve the novel biomaterials/hydrogels for wound repair, drug delivery and tissue engineering, based on new chemical modifications of hyaluronan and other glycosaminoglycans, to create a variety of ECM-like scaffolds. In this arena a breakthrough was achieved in his labs in 2002 when his team developed a biocompatible and in situ crosslinkable covalent mimic of the extracellular matrix that can be seeded with cells prior to gelation.

The Co-PI's industrial expertise may help in the broader application of the results of the proposed project. Dr. Prestwich is Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Glycosan Biosystems, which provides a readily-customized source of biopaper products based on research licensed from his Center for Therapeutic Biomaterials. Creating public access to research information and research materials are both important components of NSF-supported research.