Research Team Member

Stuart Newman
New York Medical College
Stuart Newman The Co-PI is a developmental biologist and a trained physical chemist, who has studied mechanisms of tissue morphogenesis using a variety of experimental and theoretical approaches. His experimental work ranges from site-directed mutagenesis-aided physical (circular dichroism; fluorescence polarization) studies of protein conformation (fibronectin), physical (microrheometric) studies of protein fibril self-assembly (type 1 collagen), studies of morphogenesis in model tissues ("matrix-driven translocation"), studies of tissue self- organization in vitro (mesenchymal condensation in high density limb bud precartilage cell cultures) and in vivo (the embryonic avian limb bud). The theoretical work, much of it done in collaboration with the PI, has involved applications of percolation and wetting theory to analysis of collagen assembly and matrix-driven translocation, applications of reaction-diffusion models to mesenchymal pattern formation during limb development, cellular automata models of cell aggregation in vitro, and computational analysis of the evolution of morphogenetic mechanisms as a function of mutation of the associated genetic networks. The PI and Co-PI are also part of a consortium that is producing a multiscale model of avian limb skeletal pattern formation using combined continuum and cellular automata methodologies. The Co-PI's specific role in the project will be to perform the genetic manipulations and carry out the molecular biological studies.