Research Team Member

Adrian Neagu
Medical University of Timisoara, Romania
Adrian Neagu The Co-PI is a theoretical/computational biophysicist with expertise in a wide range of analytical and computational techniques. He is a regular visitor in the PI's laboratory, where he has been involved in computer simulations of adhesion-guided rearrangements of living tissues using the Monte Carlo (MC) approach. His role in the project is to build mathematical models and perform MC simulations of the postprinting morphogenetic self-assembly events. These simulations will be complementary to the MD method pursued by Co-PI Kosztin in that they utilize experimentally more accessible energy parameters and can provide a quick initial guidance for optimizing experimental conditions. Using the interfacial energies measured in the PI's lab, the MC approach will offer useful hints on the energetically most favorable configurations towards which the postprinted living structure under given conditions will evolve.