Research Team Member

Ioan Kosztin
University of Missouri-Columbia
Ioan Kosztin The Co-PI is a computational biophysicist with extensive expertise in developing and applying advanced computational and analytical methods to study the functioning principles of biomolecular systems (e.g., proteins and their cofactors). Employing a combination of large scale molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, ab initio quantum chemistry (QC) calculations and analytical modeling techniques, the Co-PI has already obtained several important results in molecular biophysics: identified and characterized a new force generating mechanism by G- proteins, developed a novel approach to calculate spectroscopic properties of pigment-protein-complexes and developed a Brownian ratchet model for the transport properties of aquaporin channels. The role of the Co-PI in the present project is to set up computational models to capture the time evolution and dynamics of the cellular self-assembly process during organ module formation, in particular embryonic cushion and limb bud development. These models will employ large-scale MD simulations on the Co-PI's state-of-the-art 32 node Linux Beowulf cluster.